Byblos Hookah Lounge is the best place to eat Eastern Mediterranean cuisine in Oviedo

Byblos Hookah Lounge offers you the essence of truly Oriental Mediterranean cuisine. Discover the spirit of eastern culture via an amazing gastronomic journey. All dishes are made following modern culinary trends. We cook using genuine spices and the best ingredients.

Plan the day and reserve a table on time. There is nothing simpler, and the assurance that you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine adds positive attitude when waiting for the dinner.

The best Oriental Mediterranean restaurant in Oviedo

Byblos Hookah Lounge offers you authentic flavors of the Mediterranean in a stylishly designed and carefully illuminated setting. Discover oriental culture through Mediterranean cuisine. All our specialties are made with the latest culinary practices using real spices and the best foods.

Byblos focuses on handmade ingredients and sources as many as possible from authentic places of the world as South France or Morocco. The cozy dining area with slight touches of ethnic flair will create a perfect experience. Enjoy your next corporate or social event in our friendly restaurant with great food. Our special dining set brightens up both family celebrations and corporate events. The brilliant and diverse flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine will set the right accents in private or group gatherings.

Features of Eastern Mediterranean menu

The Mediterranean menu is known for its delicious, exquisite, and healthy dishes. We are a restaurant offering menus from different parts around the Mediterranean shore. Healthy food and large portions are always the top part of Mediterranean cuisine. And our restaurant commits to them rigorously. The superb mix of Turkish and Italian dishes offered in our restaurant gives our visitors true aesthetic culinary experience.

Byblos Hookah Lounge in Oviedo Mediterranean style

Original taste and the opportunity to experience the best chicken or seafood dishes inspire our customers to come to us time and again. We are always ready to keep in touch about the recent items on our menu. So if there is no chance to spend time in our restaurant, we invite you to come and pick up your favorite courses from our Eastern Mediterranean restaurant. For your convenience, we have fast delivery right from our kitchen.

With us, every guest can be a spectator of an amazing spectacle demonstrating the culinary skills of our team. Our Executive Chef creates meal courses that express the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Not only connoisseurs of lamb dishes come to us to taste, but also people who like fish dishes. After all, the Mediterranean cuisine, like no other, is valued for its unique seafood recipes.

Experience the unique flavor of Mediterranean dishes

Sample the best Mediterranean in Oviedo and believe that it is so loved in the world for a good reason. What Mediterranean dish can be the most delicious taste impression?

Byblos Hookah Lounge in Oviedo Mediterranean

First of all, it is hummus. It’s sure the highlight of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and a global trend due to the gourmet touch of true spices and a great amount of vitamins.
Then, of course, there are the tartars. The perfect starter to the meal which because of its rich ingredients, moderate and flavor spiciness, and yet gentle structure will make you ready for the main course.

So, what specialty to order? Pide and seafood? Not an easy option for a gastronomic journey! The flavorful taste of lamb meat will take you to the Orient in a flash. The delightful chicken can fill you with a sense if you have taken a trip to the world-famous French Bresse. Fresh seafood magically will take you to the Mediterranean coast.

Sumac and saffron, of course, will give the proper dash to all dishes. And all this deliciousness is seasoned with ideally selected spices. Where appropriate, there are bright notes of garlic enriching the flavor of the dish. Sesame and pepper and others spices are participating in a great symphony of flavor too.

To reserve a table at Byblos in Oviedo

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And don’t miss the end of the dinner! Genuine Mediterranean desserts, especially the delicious sorbets or tender baklava, round off the meal right.

The most popular Mediterranean meals

Not every national meal becomes well known all over the world. This does not happen with Mediterranean cuisine. Perhaps, now it is difficult to meet anyone who is new to them. There are some proper reasons for that.

  • The most important point is the unique and rich taste of specialties because of the proper mixture of authentic herbs. And even though they are a bit spicy, it isn’t as strong for us, as Asian cuisine.
  • Secondly, it is very healthful: the specialties are often low in fat and are rich in spices, olive oil, and fresh seafood. Spices demonstrate an anti-inflammatory effect. Also, there are many yummy greens and colorful vegetables, which are a source of fiber.
  • Finally, the third reason for its popularity lies in often inexpensive food. The very popular ingredients are olives and sesame, such as avocados or eggplants.

More importantly, merely these dishes are cooked with quick heat treatment. Also, many of them don’t contain meat, that’s why Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is admired by vegans alike. Among the big choice of specialties, everyone is sure to mark not only a favorite dish but many. That is what we invite you to try in Byblos. Enjoy your dinner!