Byblos Old Metairie is the best place to taste Mediterranean specialties in Metairie

Byblos Old Metairie gives you the best truly Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Experience the essence of eastern culture via a tasty culinary adventure. All our dishes are cooked according to actual restaurant trends. We cook using authentic spices and the freshest ingredients.

Schedule the evening and make a reservation on time. Nothing is simpler, and the assurance that you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine adds positive feeling in anticipating the dinner.

The best Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Metairie

Byblos Old Metairie gives you the best of the Orient in a well-stylized and carefully exquisitely setting. Discover Middle Eastern philosophy via Mediterranean cuisine. All of our dishes are made with modern culinary techniques using true spices and the freshest ingredients.

Byblos focuses on handmade spices and draws as many as possible from genuine spots of the world like Italy or Lebanon. The welcoming dining space with mild touches of ethnic culture will create an unforgettable evening. Have your next corporate or social occasion in our friendly restaurant with excellent cuisine. Our special menu makes vivid both family occasions and corporate parties. The brilliant and varied flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine will place the impressive accents in family or group gatherings.

Highlights of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine

The Mediterranean style menu is well-known for its tasteful, exquisite, and healthful ingredients. We are a restaurant offering menus from various parts of the Mediterranean coast. The freshest food and large portions are consistently the finest part of Mediterranean cuisine. And our team commits to them rigorously. The splendid combination of Spanish and Moroccan dishes presented here offers our guests true aesthetic gastronomic delight.

Byblos Old Metairie in Metairie Mediterranean

Authentic taste and the opportunity to enjoy the best hummus or pide specialties inspire our customers to come to us time and again. We are always ready to keep you about new offerings on our menu. So if there isn’t time to spend time in our restaurant, we offer you to grab your favorite courses from our Oriental Mediterranean restaurant. For your comfort, we offer great delivery right from our restaurant.

With us, every guest becomes a witness to an amazing spectacle demonstrating the cooking skills of the team. Our Executive Chef offers meal courses that capture the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Not only experts in lamb dishes come to us to taste, but also people who enjoy fish dishes. Because the Mediterranean menu, like no other, is famous for its delicious seafood specialties.

Enjoy the unique taste of Mediterranean dishes

Sample the finest Mediterranean in Metairie and make sure that it is so appreciated everywhere for a reason. What eastern Mediterranean specialty can be your most delicious taste experience?

Byblos Old Metairie in Metairie Mediterranean style

Primarily hummus. It is undeniable the highlight of Oriental cuisine and a culinary trend due to the bright notes of true spices and a lot of vitamins.
Next, of course, let’s mention the tartars. The flawless start to the main course which because of its rich ingredients, mild and flavor spiciness, but gentle structure will make you ready for the main course.

So, what specialty to order? Pide or seafood? Not a simple option for a culinary trip! The tender taste of beef meat can take our clients to the Orient in the blink of an eye. The delightful chicken will fill you with a sense if you are on a trip to the famous Bresse. The freshest seafood magically will take you to the coast.

Zira and garlic, of course, will give the right dash to the main specialties. And all this splendor is paired with ideally chosen spices. Where required, there are bright hints of garlic enhancing the flavor of the specialty. Rosemary or parsley and others spices are creating a great symphony of taste too.

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And don’t skip the finale of the meal! Genuine Mediterranean desserts, for example, the light sorbets or honey baklava, complete the meal right.

The best Mediterranean dishes

Not every food becomes popular all over the world. This does not apply to Mediterranean specialties. Probably, now it’s hard to find a person who is new to them. There are some proper reasons for that.

  • The most important reason is the unusual and flavor taste of dishes because of the skillful combination of numerous spices. And although they are less spicy, it is not as unusual for our taste, as Asian cuisine.
  • Secondly, it’s very healthful: the specialties are often low in fat and contain spices, sesame oil, and fresh seafood. Spices demonstrate an anti-inflammatory impact. And also, there are many yummy greens and colorful vegetables, which are a source of vitamins.
  • Finally, the third reason for its popularity lies in merely inexpensive food. The other ingredients are chickpeas or rice, such as cauliflower and zucchini.

Crucially, merely these specialties are made with brief heat treatment. And many do not require meat, that’s why Oriental Mediterranean cuisine is loved by vegetarians alike. Among many specialties, everyone is sure to find not just a favorite dish but many. That’s what we suggest you to try in our restaurant. Bon appetit!